MURGIVERDE applies a strict policy of quality and safety to their products.

Since its establishment, MURGIVERDE has been committed to the continuous improvement of service and quality of the products it sells. We work for sustainable agriculture, flavoured with respect to the auxiliary fauna, our society and our environment. Read more...

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MURGIVERDE plans its production and carries out its development programs while adapting to the needs of its customers. We exercise comprehensive management that ensures the quality of the final product ‒ from the purchase of seed to shipping the product through product control systems and production process.

We are committed to methods of integrated and organic production systems and prevailing biological control systems against pests and diseases. To meet this objective, one example of a measure MURGIVERDE has is personnel and equipment for producing beneficial insects, thus allowing us to improve efficiency by reducing the deployment time for predators to control pests. Moreover, MURGIVERDE has biological control programs with major companies in the sector.

We are substantially committed to our resources, which is why we conduct planning for the use of water, properly manage our waste and optimise energy use by implementing solar energy panels.

Our company has the most representative quality certificates of the food industry, such as GlobalGAP GGN: 4049929046146, BRC, IFS and other standards, rules and specific protocols requested by our customers.

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